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The Ultimate Nighttime Routine For Winding Down (And Tuning Out)

By Andrew Rickards

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An elevated practice that helps you live your best life? That’s a ritual. We've asked women we admire to share the daily rituals that make them who they are. Discover their secrets and try a new ritual for yourself.



As the founder of my company, Parachute, my days are really busy, unpredictable, and sort of all over the place; it can be very hectic. So, when I get home, I’ve learned that I need to immediately start trying to wind down, disconnect, and relax. Otherwise, I'll go crazy.

My work life is full of endless decisions, so much so that I found I had to make my home life as simple as possible. One of the reasons I care so much about sleep — besides it being my whole business — is because it's been something that has been challenging for me in my life at different points. Having a routine before bed and making my sleep sacred has been helpful. Here’s how I’ve learned to stick to a simple night time routine that allows me to truly de-stress.

Take off your day

Once you’re home, it’s time to leave your whole day behind you. For me, this means that I get out of the clothes that I wore to the office immediately. Then, I quickly put on one of our Parachute robes. The weight of the robe that I put on depends whether it's super-hot or not, but it’s really the ultimate version of relaxing to me. Find your perfect nighttime outfit and change into it as soon as you get home. Comfort begins the unwinding process; you’re giving your body a cue to chill out.

Warm Up

As you're winding down, have some tea or another warm (decaffeinated) beverage. Regardless of what you choose, the shift from drinking cold water to a warm, cozy drink will signal to your body that it’s time to unwind. There are a lot of different teas for stress relief: all chamomiles (rich in calcium and magnesium and other trace minerals that naturally relax muscles and nerves) and yogi bedtime tea (has valerian root which helps you rest).

Next, keep up the warmth by taking a hot shower. It not only soothes your muscles — even if it’s a 30-second warm shower — but it also cleanses you of the day. It lets you get into bed having gotten rid of anything you don't want to take with you into your sleep.

So much of what I've learned about all these nighttime rituals is that your body responds to cues that it’s time to relax: warmth, cleansing, and comfort.

Soak it in

After your shower, you should lock in the moisture. It can be really soothing to massage your lotion of choice into your skin, taking more time than you would at any other point in the day. You can do your nighttime routine for your face, too, and it doesn’t have to be decadent. It’s hard to remember to do a skincare routine, but it’s easy if you just take a second to rub some lotion or moisturizer on; once you’re doing that every night, you’ll remember to take the other steps in your skincare routine on a more regular basis.

Keep your bedroom simple

I try to keep anything unrelated to sleep out of my bedroom, which is why I think you should keep your phone out of your bed completely. The bed, as a general rule, should not be a place where you're doing emails or on your phone at all. It should be a place that's basically for sleep, sex, and when you're sick and need to recover: the three S’s.

In order to make your bedroom as peaceful as possible, use the Marie Kondo method to declutter: think about your bedroom possessions regarding what you use every day, what brings you peace, and what brings you joy. If you can’t hold it in your hands and use it — or be happy that it’s there — get rid of it or move it to another room. Clutter is connected to stress and the hectic life. That’s why at Parachute, all our products are simple. There aren’t bold prints. When you embrace a neutral, peaceful lifestyle in your bedroom, you’ll find that you have more peace of mind. Trust me.

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Ariel Kaye

Ariel Kaye is the Founder and CEO of Parachute - a home essentials brand based in Venice Beach, CA, where she lives. Before launching Parachute, Ariel spent ten years working in brand development and advertising in New York City. Her two favorite places are the beach and the desert (and she brings both into her bedroom through decor, of course).

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