The Nighttime Anti-Aging Ritual That Keeps Josie Maran Fresh

By Emily Gladders


An elevated practice that helps you live your best life? That’s a ritual. We've asked women we admire to share the daily rituals that make them who they are. Discover their secrets and try a new ritual for yourself.



My approach to aging comes from having a rebellious spirit. Women are constantly being told to fix their wrinkles, to inject crazy stuff into their face, to try to stop the natural process of time. You can even hear it in the term, “anti-aging.” How can you be “anti” the natural process of getting older? Why are women expected to be immortal?

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found the need to create my own definition of anti-aging. I’m a big believer in tuning out the negative messages of the world and tuning into what your body and mood are trying to tell you. I don’t fight fine lines. I don’t battle with my body. I don’t get mad at myself for being a little moody. My anti-aging ritual is less about turning back time and more about giving my body, mind, and soul everything it needs to feel its best right now, at this age, at this moment in my life. I’m definitely not a morning person, so I do my anti-aging ritual at night. Here are some of the tools I use to feel my most vibrant every day.

For your skin: Try natural oils

An evening skincare ritual is a great way to give yourself a little love. I own a skincare company, so you know it’s pretty important to me. When it comes to aging, I think it’s important to approach it in a very natural and gentle way. Plant oils are great because as you age your natural oil production slows way down. My three go-to nighttime products are my Pure Argan Milk, Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter, and Argan Reserve Concentrate. I use them in that order: Argan Milk to plump, Face Butter to target firmness, and Argan Reserve to brighten. If you’re new to this kind of ritual, you can start small with something like my Pure Argan Oil and take 1-2 minutes to really massage it into your skin after you cleanse. A little facial massage can help release some of the tension from the day.

For your soul: Visualize your inner light

As women, we receive so many negative messages from the world each day that it’s important to reconnect with ourselves and affirm our worth. As you’re getting ready for bed, look in in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful and full of vibrancy. Then, close your eyes and visualize all the little cells that are part of your body. Imagine them vibrating and radiating light. This visualization helps me feel like the most energetic and youthful version of myself.

For your mind: Write down your goals and fears before bed

Before bed, I take a little time to journal (or type a note in my iphone). A lot of people believe in just journalling good stuff, but I think it’s important to write down the good, the bad, and the ugly. To try it, write down any intentions, fears, and goals you have for the day to come. When you wake up the next day, go back and read what you wrote. By morning, the fears don’t seem so bad and the intentions are clearer.

For your body: Tulsi tea and warm pajamas

Great sleep is such an important part of feeling your best. It takes some time for me to wind down from the day, and a warm drink and jammies definitely help. I secretly love adult footie pajamas to help me get cozy and connect with my inner child, but you should find whatever makes you feel good, whether it’s luxurious silky pj’s or a pair of beloved sweatpants. Then curl up somewhere cozy in your house with a mug of tulsi tea. Leave your phone and computer in the other room and just experience silence as you sip. Tulsi helps alleviate stress and keeps your hormones balanced, which is help we all need as we get older.

As we age, self-kindness is more important than ever. Our bodies change, our abilities change, and our wisdom grows in unexpected ways. While my nighttime ritual is a good place to start, it’s really just an outline. As you grow, try to do something every day to nourish your skin, your mind, your spirit, and your body. The practice may change with time, but the ritual of caring for yourself is lifelong.


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Josie Maran

Beauty pioneer Josie Maran started her career as a model and actress, working with the world’s best makeup artists. On a search for natural products, Josie was told there was no way to create a healthy and high-performing beauty line free of common toxins. In 2007, Josie launched her own collection of skincare and makeup, Josie Maran Cosmetics, based on the beautifying benefits of Argan Oil. Josie remains the driving force behind her brand, using her platform to lead advancements in well-being, social good, and environmental responsibility.