Jessie De Lowe's Easy Water-Drinking Ritual Means Eating Your H2O, Too

By Emily Gladders


Jessie De Lowe joins Ritual's Drink More Water Challenge. This year, it’s our mission to help you start a ritual: a small, daily habit that will lead to big changes. 41% of women don’t drink enough water to help with things like healthy digestion and cognition: staying hydrated helps all the cells and organs in your body function as they should. Here's how Jessie stays hydrated every day, no matter what.


Since having a baby, I’ve become even more aware of what I put into my body. It’s a huge responsibility knowing that what I'm consuming is the direct lifeline for my daughter, Amelie. Keeping myself hydrated is a big part of making sure she’s hydrated, too. I make sure to nourish myself as if I’m directly nourishing and nurturing her, which is what everyone should be doing for themselves, really — regardless of having a baby or not.

While breastfeeding, I’ve had to be extra diligent about consuming a lot of nutrient-dense, whole foods, and water. I’ve gotten in the habit of always having a bottle of water with me, and I know that that’s a practice I’ll continue even after I stop breastfeeding. I’ve also started to drink more herbal teas and hydrating tonics, such as my favorite oat straw.

I try to eat foods that are hydrating and nourishing as well. I indulge, don't get me wrong! But I avoid processed foods as much as I can. Staying healthy, hydrated and happy involves preparation, a little discipline, and a lot of habit-making. Here’s how to stay hydrated no matter what, especially if you’re hydrating for two.

Get Prepped

Some people find water boring. I’ve never really had a problem with that, but I have invested in some tools to make sure I always have water the way I like it on-deck. I have a Brita filter, and I love Swell water bottles. Swell bottles are incredible and keep the water cold for hours (it still amazes me!) I always, always have a glass of water next to me when I'm breastfeeding. It's like exercise: you're burning calories and losing fluids, so you need to make sure to put it back in.

Mix It Up

So that I don’t get bored, I drink a lot of coconut water too. My favorite is an ice-cold fresh young coconut, but when I can’t get that, my favorite brand is Harmless Harvest. Another way to make hydrating a little less plain is by infusing water with a flavor (like freshly squeezed lemon or fresh fruit) or sipping hot water with lemon after a meal, which helps with digestion and overall glow.

I also recommend drinking tonics infused with plants, and my favorite is oat straw. Especially for all the nursing mothers out there, if you can get your hands on oat straw distilled in water, you will be thrilled. I get mine from Simples Tonics in Santa Monica. It tastes juicy and amazing, plus you’re getting all the properties of the oat straw, which happens to be great for milk production. Oat straw also contains more magnesium than any other plant, which is why it nourishes your adrenals, creating a feeling of calm and balance.

Eat Your H2O

Eating a balanced diet will help you stay hydrated: sometimes, when you think you’re hungry, you’re thirsty. But you might not want to drink a bunch of water, right? So reach for healthy stuff and try to do it all day: thirst quenching foods like watermelon, citrus, leafy greens, etc. will do the trick. Being mindful of what you put in your body will regulate your body’s signal for “false hunger.” I start every day with super-food-filled oatmeal, filled with apples, berries, nuts, almond butter, and prunes. The rest of the day, try to mix in organic protein, sweet potatoes, vegetables, avocados and greens. I love roasted sweet potatoes: they're delicious and easy. Plus, if you’re nursing, all of those foods are good for milk production.  

Keep Calm & Sip On

A huge part of staying healthy is managing your stress levels. It’s hard to make healthy decisions and reach for whole foods when your nervous system is out of balance. When your body is in fight or flight mode — A.K.A. when you are stressed — you typically crave sugar or a quick fix to make you feel better. Mindfulness, lots of fresh air and conscious breathing throughout my day help keep me feeling relaxed. If you catch yourself stressing, try my de-stressing trick: I focus on the simple rhythm of breathing in and out to slow myself down and bring me back to the moment. And drinking lots of water to hydrated helps, too.

Jessie De Lowe
Co-founder of How you Glow, certified Yoga Instructor and Art Therapist Jessie De Lowe provides life-enhancing, enriching, and enlightening experiences to clients across the globe. She has made a name for herself in the industry, focusing on holistic multisensory healing, and through workshops that blend the practices of yoga with aromatherapy, meditation, journaling and art making. Jessie inspires people to live the most vibrant life possible. Contact her here for creative art therapy, yoga, and manifesting sessions. 
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