How Jasmine Garnsworthy Found The Workouts That Work For Her (And You Can Too)

By Emily Gladders


Jasmine Garnsworthy joins Ritual's Get More Movement ChallengeThis year, it’s our mission to help you start a ritual: a small, daily habit that will lead to big changes. When you move more, you increase your odds of being healthier in every way: from lowering your general risk for disease to improving your mood. Here's how Jasmine gets more movement without getting bored.


While New York is home right now, I spend a lot of time just about everywhere but here. This makes sticking to a consistent fitness regime challenging—something that’s only compounded by my own inclination towards boredom with routine.

Today, I work in the health and beauty industry, but my personal commitment to fitness really kicked off while living in Bondi Beach, which is possibly one of the most health-obsessed neighborhoods in Australia. It’s impossible to live there without catching the wellness bug. Now — as a freelance writer and the founder of my own clean beauty company, The Buff — natural beauty and fitness aren’t just my writing beat, they’re huge parts of my life.

I rely on a number of different apps to make my love for fitness more mobile and less boring. And, because I know I’m not the only person who struggles to fit a workout into their day (or even their week), I’m sharing them with you here.

Find, try, repeat

Finding workouts that I actually enjoyed took some work: I had to try different classes, apps, and gyms before I really settled on what I found to be fun. Whenever I can, I try and get to a F45 workout, but on days when that feels impossible, I work out at home using Kayla Itsines’ Sweat app. Sweat allows you to do fast, 28-minute circuit workouts that anyone can do anywhere–no equipment required. I select the workout I want on a particular day; legs, abs, or arms, however more disciplined Kayla fans complete her full program and follow the recommended fitness schedule.

When I’m in New York, I visit F45—an Australian-born, global fitness class that’s similar to Barry’s Bootcamp or Crossfit, but better (IMO!). I try and get to Y7 for hot yoga once every week or two to stretch, sweat, and relax. When you’re trying to nail down a workout routine, don’t be afraid of trial and error. I visited dozens of different classes before finding the workouts that work for me (ones that didn’t drive me to total boredom.) Find something that works for your schedule and your sensibilities.

Get the tools you need

Once you find something that works for you, commit. For me, that means subscribing to the Sweat app for $19.99/month and buying class packages for the gym. I also decided to buy resistance bands (I like the ones by Tone It Up), because they’re lightweight and easy to pack when you travel.

I also use apps to track movement (getting the right number of steps I need in a day to be active, like 10,000) and others to track my health. I use MyFlo, a menstrual cycle tracking app from Alisa Vitti at FLOliving, that helps you track your hormone fluctuations and help counteract imbalances to deal with symptoms like cystic acne and PMS.


As busy as I think I am, I could really always find 30 minutes for a workout if I could drop the excuse. When I'm traveling and staying in hotel rooms, I’ve even used my carry-on suitcase as a weight. You don’t need all the gear to exercise—just use your body as weight, find free tutorials on YouTube (there are thousands), wake up 30 minutes earlier, or stop watching TV to get a workout instead. Once you get into a routine, it gets easier to find time every day for exercise.  

Be flexible

No matter how solid your routine, there are going to be days when you have to go off-schedule—so just roll with it. I’m definitely an evening person, but I do find that working out at night keeps me awake, so I just let myself exercise whenever I feel energized and have the time. I find that you really don’t need to work out at the same time every single day. Prioritize “not overthinking it.” If I have half an hour between one phone meeting and the next, I'll just do it 28 minutes, then it's over. I think if I had too much of a routine — like, "Okay, six a.m. every morning I work out" — it wouldn't really work for my lifestyle. It's all about being flexible, and forgiving yourself when life gets in the way.

Jasmine Garnsworthy
Jasmine Garnsworthy is the founder of customized natural beauty brand, The Buff. She's an Australian freelance writer, editor, and content producer based in New York City. Jasmine produces wellness, natural beauty, and style content that reaches tens of millions of people across multiple industry-leading publishers. Jasmine has more than 45,000 followers across Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.
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