This vs. That: Magnesium

This vs. That: Magnesium

By Emily Gladders

This vs. That: Magnesium

Balanced mood, higher quality sleep and more relaxed, improved muscle function -magnesium’s benefits are undeniably appealing. We’re feeling happy and relaxed just thinking about it. Magnesium is a jack-of-all-trades nutrient, participating in a vital way in just about anything and everything our body does.

Here at Ritual, our mission (which we decided to accept) was to deliver an effective amount of well-absorbed, well-tolerated, non-reactive magnesium to get most women into the Goldilocks zone of good intake. All this, without making too many big pills. Unfortunately, there are four issues with magnesium that make it a problem child in the essential nutrient world. 

First, intake. Although magnesium is found in all whole foods, none are rich in it, and it is easily removed by refining, processing and cooking. Most of us do not get what we are supposed to out of our diet. In fact, the latest and largest human studies reported by the USDA find that almost all American women (teens to seniors) don't get the RDA (Daily Value), even when they add supplements to the mix. 

Second, size. You need a big amount of magnesium compared to other essential micronutrients, second only to calcium. That means it usually takes an entire pill to get a decent amount, no matter which form is used. That translates to more and/or larger pills, which most people do not want.

Third, absorption. Magnesium isn’t the most readily absorbed compound, and it frequently interacts poorly with other nutrients, blocking some and being blocked by others. Certain forms are well-absorbed, and others are not. The difference between just enough and too much is slim, making it one of the more notoriously difficult components to add to optimize our health.

Fourth, form. Some forms (inorganic salts) have a high percentage of magnesium (25-60%, which makes for smaller pills), but these often have other problems that make them tough to turn into pills. Easier-to-work-with forms (called organic chelates) contain a lower percentage (5-10%) of magnesium, making for bigger and/or more pills. Sadly, because they cost less, most vitamin products opt for a small amount of inorganic forms, the worst of all worlds.

Our magnesium? Well, our magnesium is called Sucrosomial® magnesium and we are the first company to use it in the US. What makes it special is that magnesium oxide is micro-encapsulated - enrobed in a patented blend of the same lecithin/sucresters found in healthy foods (non-soy too). By putting magnesium oxide into these liposomal particles, we're able to avoid the pitfalls and side effects common with inorganic forms of magnesium, while maintaining a higher percentage of magnesium (30%+) than chelates at equivalent or better absorption. This mimics how magnesium is found in the healthy foods richest in magnesium (think nuts and seeds). We get the best of all worlds - high potency, good absorption, fewer interactions, better tolerability and best of all, smaller pills. Smart.

Moods and muscles that are off the chart and getting the right amount of magnesium from two small pills? Thanks, Sucrosomial® magnesium.