Ritual Review: What People Are Saying About Essential for Women

Ritual Review: What People Are Saying About Essential for Women

By Sara Reistad-Long

Ritual Review: What People Are Saying About Essential for Women

Two years ago, we set out to build a new kind of vitamin, one that cut through the fads and the noise and focused only on the nutrients women need – in the forms, quality and amounts best for our bodies. Nothing more, nothing less.

It was a totally new approach, but one that was backed by real science (and a lot of it).

Last fall, we launched Ritual Essential for Women. Here’s what people have been saying since.


“Ritual’s Essential for Women has everything you need.” – Marie Claire

“Everyone you know is about to start taking this buzzy vitamin.” – Well + Good

“Ritual imagined a vitamin that offered only essential nutrients and detailed information about what they do and where they come from.” – Wired

“Ritual is making a better vitamin.” – Business Insider

“Ritual takes the stress and confusion out of the vitamin purchasing experience.” – Vogue

“The pills themselves resemble tiny, elongated snow globes; the vitamins and minerals they contain are suspended in an oil that promotes better uptake in the body.”  – The New York Times

"It’s almost too pretty to swallow. And while it’s stunning, functionality is the underlying cause here." – Brit + Co


“New mama taking Ritual with SO much more energy. Thank you thank you 🤘🏻” – Kirby

“These have given me such great energy. I'm an early riser and usually exhausted by 4 PM! I have been able to function full speed throughout the day and into the night, since I have been taking these! My skin even looks amazing! XO! Love! ❤” – Shital

“This pretty little vitamin has literally changed my life the last couple weeks. To my pleasant surprise, I began feeling energized the very next morning after taking my first dose of Ritual. ... I honestly couldn’t hype Ritual more. If you want to feel 💯 again do yourself a favor and give Ritual a try.” – @samanthalynng

"Taking my vitamins has never been so simple and not to mention fun!" – @rayanne2096

“It’s like opening a little 📦 of 🌞 every month.” – @littlelaundry317

Ready to expect more from your vitamin? Start your Ritual today.