Science's Perfect Energy Combo

Science's Perfect Energy Combo

By Sara Reistad-Long

Science's Perfect Energy Combo

Be it from too little sleep, too much hustling, or too many commitments, we’ve all had those days where pep and zip seem too impossible to imagine. While it’s easy to reach for coffee or carbs, we wanted to know if there was a better way. So we asked Dr. Luke Bucci, Ritual’s Head of R&D--one of the highest performers we’ve ever met--if his many years researching nutrients had taught him any quick fixes. Here’s his high-energy secret:

When you need some real energy, wash down a banana with a small amount of coconut milk (½ cup is plenty!) and you’ll get two fast-acting energy sources: MCTs from the coconut milk, and sugars from the banana.

MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are short chains of saturated fat, so they act completely different from other fats. MCTs go straight to the liver and get burned for immediate energy without affecting blood sugar levels. They’re well researched for athletic endeavors. Plus, they give your brain an alternate energy source (ketones).

Sugars from bananas, when eaten with coconut milk, provide a sustained-release supply of glucose that provides a steady, even burst of energy. Not a spike of sugar (which typically leads to a crash), but easily usable blood glucose for your brain and muscles.

If you like how this makes you feel, here’s a variation: Try a half banana with a half cup coconut milk every hour. Eating small amounts of this combo at regular intervals can actually simulate the energy-boosting effects of a continuous drip glucose IV.

Either way you try this snack, your body has no choice but to feel energized!