A Nomadic Snack Hack

A Nomadic Snack Hack

By Belen Simplistic

A Nomadic Snack Hack

“Predictable” is not a word I’d use to describe my line of work. As a private chef and health consultant, where and when I’m working can sometimes change on a daily basis. So each morning, whether I plan to be on the road or simply running around the city getting things done, I always have a food bag.

Here’s why: Sure, I like to eat, but more than that, it’s important for me to keep my blood sugar levels balanced and not be at the whim of grabbing the closest food when my hunger hits. Knowing I can reach for healthy food options I like throughout the day makes me feel like I am taking care of myself and that I am ready for any adventure or situation.

Here’s what I pack:

Hardboiled eggs or candied salmon. Both are great sources of protein, which provide lasting energy throughout the day.
A bottle of water. To keep me hydrated.
A lemon. I’ll keep squeezing it into my water to add delicious flavor, nutrients, and alkalinity (which improves hydration).
Half an avocado. The healthy fats cut cravings and promote satiety, while the vitamin E keeps me glowing.
A tupperware container with greens and sprouts. I can’t tell you how many sad-looking salads I’ve encountered on restaurant menus and in corporate cafeterias. So now I just bring my own. I look for ingredients that tend to have a longer life, such as a kale salad or broccolini slaw with seeds and hemp hearts.
Grated root vegetable slaws. I like to mix grated beets and carrots with dill and sunflower seeds, then I toss it all with some olive oil and tamari. These veggies will stay delicious for hours!
Leftovers: Quinoa (which is rich in not just protein, but also key minerals like calm-inducing magnesium) and roasted vegetables.
A piece of seasonal fruit or some berries. Rather than fight a sweet tooth, I prepare for it, and get some antioxidants to boot.

Mikaela Reuben

Mikaela Reuben is a culinary nutritionist and health consultant, fusing the science of nutrition with the art of healthy eating and food creation. A graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Mikaela is also trained in kinesiology and physical therapy. Her philosophy is rooted in biodiversity; the understanding that each body is unique and thus has a unique path to optimal health. After ten years of studying the impact of nutrition, healthy food creation, and the physical body, Mikaela can be found working as a private nutritional chef (clients have included Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Woody Harrelson), health coach, and recipe consultant all over the globe.