Meet our Minty Tab

Meet our Minty Tab

By Lauren Hayes

Meet our Minty Tab

Have you noticed the clear plastic tab hanging out in your Ritual bottle? That’s our minty tab: a food-grade plastic insert infused with pure peppermint oil to give your vitamins a fresh scent. Here’s the story of how this little guy made it into your bottle.


Why we added the Minty Tab

We love our omega-3 vegan algal oil and its healthy heart benefits. Even though it’s derived from algae instead of fish, our algal oil still has a seaside aroma that some of our customers didn’t love. We’re committed to using nutrients in their purest forms—no fillers, no artificial flavors, no gelatin capsules that mask odors, no compromises. But we also think that taking your vitamins should be fun. No funky smell should get between you and your best health.

Our testing process

As soon as we found out that Ritual’s seaweed smell was making it hard for some of our friends to take their vitamins, we got to work on a solution. We tried everything: odor-absorbing charcoal packets, a hint of vanilla oil, and more. Finally, we discovered a food-grade plastic insert we could infuse with pure essential oil. Bingo, we thought. No need for extra ingredients or a bunch of extra packaging.

We had a blast testing a bunch of different scent options from lemon to vanilla to grapefruit. Finally, we settled on peppermint. Our team loved the minty fresh vibes.

Using the Minty Tab

The minty tab is infused with 100% pure peppermint oil from Yakima, Washington. No artificial scents, flavors, or nonsense. Just leave it in your bottle throughout the month to keep your capsules smelling minty fresh. When you’re done with your bottle, you can reuse the tab. Pop it in your sock drawer, your refrigerator, or your linen closet to give your stuff a fresh scent. Our favorite tip? Stick it in your purse or makeup bag to naturally counteract weird smells.

The best part about adding the minty tab is that we didn’t have to change anything about our capsuleit’s the same pill you love, just nestled in the bottle with a peppermint pal.

We couldn’t have done it without you! Your feedback is essential as we strive to push the limits of our industry.  Thanks to feedback from our customers, we’re constantly improving. First, we shed the sugar from our capsules and now we’ve freshened up. And we’re just getting started.