The Making of Ritual

The Making of Ritual

By Andrew Rickards

The Making of Ritual

Our revolution in transparency and quality started when our founder, Kat, took a hard look at her vitamins. After a little digging, she discovered that leading brands contained questionable ingredients, and the vitamin industry itself was driven by misinformation and marketing gimmicks. No matter how hard she researched, she couldn’t find a brand that she trusted--so she decided to build her own, and focus on transparency. Kat got in touch with Dr. Luke Bucci, one of the leading scientists in the industry, and convinced him to join her quest. She said, “I need you to develop a multivitamin you would want your wife to take every day.”

And that’s how Ritual was born. Rather than conform to an industry optimized for sales, we’re making something ridiculously well-researched and easy for our customers to understand and build into their routines. The difference is clear:

We believe less is more
Part of the vitamin industry’s strategy has been this: pack multivitamins full of unnecessary, potentially poor quality nutrients, then convince customers that they’re essential to peak health. The truth is far simpler: we get plenty of the basic nutrients included in most multivitamins from our diets, and overdoing it with additional ingredients can do more harm than good. We designed Essential for Women to include the optimal servings of only the nine nutrients missing from the average woman’s diet. Then we squeezed them all into just two daily capsules to streamline your health routine.

We picked proven ingredients backed by real research
When it comes to active ingredients, form matters. For example, vitamin D2 just isn’t as effective in your body as vitamin D3. We only use nutrient forms backed up by substantial scientific research. The common denominator is that our forms are very similar, if not identical, to the versions found in healthy foods and your own cells, so your body knows what to do with them.

We created a new pill technology
You may have noticed our vitamins look different. That’s because we kept the naturally dry ingredients dry and the oil-based ingredients...well, oily. The reason is freshness: when oil and powder mix, it can cause funky reactions that degrade the nutrients over time. To keep our vitamins effective, we carefully layered dry ingredients onto a tiny cellulose core, creating small beadlets (the floaty things). Then we added a protective coating, and dropped them into the oil. That cool snow globe effect is just a bonus.

We cleaned them up (non-GMO, vegan, sugar-free!)
You’d be surprised at all the nasties inside a typical vitamin. We had a hard time finding a capsule that wasn’t made from fish skin, pig's hooves or carrageenan, and were told to coat our beadlets with toxic stuff like talc, plastic and shellac. Swallowing plastic and pigs’ hooves didn’t sound healthy, so we use a vegan capsule made from cellulose (plant fiber) and found a non-GMO corn protein to replace toxic bead coatings. Side note: our capsule is delayed release—which means no burpback for you!

We love to overshare
Wellness nerds take note: we’re proud of the nutrients we’ve sourced and the science behind them, which is why we’ve published our ingredients and fully traceable supply chain in plain view on our site. Take a look. You deserve to know what you’re putting in your body.

Have a question about our choices and methods? Shoot us an email at and we’ll give you the lowdown.