Two Ritual Essential for Women Pills on a white background with a rainbow light shinning across.

Here's What Transgender and Non-Conforming People Need to Know About Essential for Women

By Emily Gladders

Two Ritual Essential for Women Pills on a white background with a rainbow light shinning across.

When it comes to biological nutrient needs, we’re not all that different--no matter the sex we are assigned. People who are assigned male sex organs often biologically require more zinc and less iron than people who are assigned female sex organs, but the differences are small. We designed Essential for Women to be an inclusive supplement, but there are some intricacies you should be aware of depending on your current transition stage. Curious if EFW has what you need to feel your best? Read on for all the info.

Trans Women on Hormones

Essential for Women has most everything you need if you’re a trans woman currently receiving hormone therapy (whether or not you’ve had gender-affirming surgery).  Because hormone therapy deactivates male organs, you have similar nutrient needs as cis women. The other good news is that you don’t need to worry about Ritual’s nutrients interfering with your treatment; our ingredients play nice with hormones.  

Trans Women Not on Hormones

If you aren’t receiving hormone treatment and haven’t had gender-affirming surgery, Essential for Women is still okay. You might still biologically require a lower level of iron and a higher level of zinc than what EFW supplies, but it’s still perfectly safe for you. Just know that you might want to try to eat foods high in zinc to make up for the lack of zinc in EFW. For meat-eaters, the best sources are shellfish (especially oysters), red meat, and dark poultry meat. If you’re a veggie or vegan, try to load up on foods like spinach, pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate.

Trans Men

If you’re a trans man, EFW will work for you. The prostate gland is the organ that tends to dictate biological differences in nutrient needs. Even if you’ve had gender-affirming surgery, the absence of a prostate gland means that you can still fulfill most of your nutrient needs with Ritual. If you’re receiving hormone therapy, you don’t need to worry about EFW interfering with your medication.

If You're Non-Binary

If you’re non-binary, decide what's best for you — based on what you feel applies to you — given all the information above.

As always, be sure to work closely with your healthcare professional, including telling them what supplements you take. Got more questions about whether EFW is right for you? Our scientific research team is always on hand to help. Just shoot us an email at