Boron: The Missing Mineral Link

Boron: The Missing Mineral Link

By Emily Gladders

Boron: The Missing Mineral Link

Why You Need Boron

We like to think of boron as a shy little guy, quietly keeping your body healthy and your bones strong without begging for praise or attention. Because of its understated benefits, Boron has flown under the scientific community’s radar for many years. Despite the fact that the Institute of Medicine hasn’t set a daily value for boron, research has shown that boron plays nice with bone-supporting nutrients like vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium to keep your skeletons healthy.

Boron is an especially good friend to vitamin D, helping it work more efficiently. Vitamin D supports calcium absorption and helps calcium stay in your bones; as vitamin D’s wingman, boron indirectly facilitates the vital roles of calcium in the body.

How to Get It

Boron is an essential structural component of plant cell walls, so it can be readily found in a range of plant-based foods. Seeds, nuts, and veggies contain higher concentrations of boron than fruits and grains, so it’s important for us to consume a range of plants in order to achieve sufficient intake of boron.

Ritual’s Boron

An adequate level of Boron intake has not been determined, but studies have suggested that 0.9 mg/day is enough to maintain bone health in women. Essential for Women contains 1 mg of FruiteX-B, a boro-carbohydrate complex that’s identical to what’s found in plants. It contains a balanced combo of calcium, boron, and fructose. FruiteX-B is made from scratch so that it’s pure and identical to what’s found in nature. Human studies using FruiteX-B showed that it’s well-absorbed and can support healthy boron functions, helping your bones, joints, and brain make the most of the vitamin D and magnesium in Essential for Women.