Benefits of a Hydrated Body

Benefits of a Hydrated Body

By Emily Gladders

Benefits of a Hydrated Body

Congrats! You’ve been gulping down H2O like a total pro. While you might not notice a difference in how you feel, if you were chronically dehydrated before you started your new water-drinking ritual, your body has noticed a difference. Here’s some of the good stuff that can happen as a result of getting your recommended fluids.

Better Mood
Dehydration comes with a lot of side effects, including a grumpy mood. This is thanks in part to the fact that your brain needs lots of water to work well. Want to know more about how your brain uses water? Check out our post here.

Happier Skin
Off-duty models and beauty gurus love saying that water is the secret weapon to their glow. The truth is that more water might not have a huge effect on your skin, but it can’t hurt. You skin cells regenerate approximately every 27 days, and require water to do so. Giving your skin sufficient hydration helps it feel (and look) its best.

More Effective Digestion
Water (along with dietary fiber) is necessary to healthy digestion, which is why a lot of people get uhm…blocked up… when they are dehydrated. Being hydrated makes it easier for your colon to flush all that stuff out, leading to a healthier digestive system.

Revved Up Metabolism
One study found that drinking just 16 ounces of water increases your metabolic rate by 30%. Most of this effect is due to the fact that you body has to warm up the water after you drink it. Cool, right?

While drinking more water isn’t a one-size-fits-all fix, it’s a smart step toward improving your foundational health. Now that you know how to turn a resolution into a ritual, think of all the other small steps you can take toward being a happier, healthier person. You have the tools; with a little ritual-making, you can achieve anything.