Engineering Lead

By Andrew Rickards

What You'll Do

You will be the one who calls the shots for all of our engineering efforts. This includes short and mid-term projects that will immediately move key company metrics as well as laying the technical foundation for long-term success.

This is an exciting opportunity and critical role for a very fast-growing brand. We understand that good tech is a pillar for company success, and we think you'll agree. You'll have the autonomy to explore what that ought to look like while working across the company to ensure that good technology is enabling all teams in an appropriately scaled fashion. Oh, and all the while ensure we are continuing to regularly deliver new features and iterations.

In a nutshell– lead all of engineering for both the "here and now" and the future. Sound scary? Then this isn't for you. Sound exciting? Awesome, read on... 

As an Engineering Lead, you’ll:

  • Lead the design, architecture, and execution of everything dev.
  • Establish engineering processes, define company engineering standards, identify and implement core technologies, and remove technical hurdles. 
  • Work directly with our Product and Marketing teams to implement core features.
  • Build solutions for appropriate scalability. You're ok building something "hacky" if it fits the need, but can also callout real issues and create elegant, scalable solutions for them.
  • Explore how technology can enable our company mission.

Who you are

  • Full-stack. You've worked on creating back-end micro-services, front-end component systems, data pipeline architecture, API design/versioning, modern JavaScript libraries, setting up EC2 instances, webhooks, load balancers, caching solutions, responsive images, responsive grids, CSS pre-processors, and templating engines. All over the board, huh? If you can handle anything that's thrown at you– we want you.
  • Fast learner. Ok, so maybe you haven't done 100% on the list above, but you can pick up new things and for you learning curves are more like runways.
  • Communicator. You can dive deep in the weeds and have complex technical conversations with your engineering team, then turn around and explain that same conversation to Marketing, Customer Experience, Business, and our CEO.
  • Up for a challenge. You believe that just because something is difficult that it is not a reason for not doing it. In fact, that might be validation that it is worth doing, right?
  • Humble. While technology is very important, you understand that it is not the be-all end-all and it needs to work in tandem with other aspects of the company and teams in order to be successful.
  • Current. You keep your finger on the (extremely fast-paced) pulse of web development. You're always evaluating new options and can navigate when the appropriate time is to dive in on something new– whether that's immediately or much farther down the line.