Design Lead

By Andrew Rickards

What You'll Do

You will implement your knowledge of user-centered and insight-driven design to determine product strategy, perform testing, design concepts and prototypes, and launch features across the Ritual experience. You'll inspire change at all stages through insights and empathy, quantitative and qualitative data, and an understanding of customer needs– both stated and unstated. We're going where no vitamin nor e-com has gone before, and your school of thought will help us get there.

As a Design Lead, you’ll:

  • Design, design, design. You'll directly design as well as lead the team that designs the solutions, features, iterations, tests, and delightful moments that will take Ritual to the next stage.
  • Conduct user research from on-site A/B testing to email surveys to in-person beta testing. Work collaboritively with the Design team and others including Product, Marketing, Engineering, and Customer Experience.
  • Continually explore new design trends, themes, best practices, and patterns across all platforms– then determine how those should (or shouldn't) be implemented into the Ritual experience.
  • Always advocate for the user's needs.

Who you are

  • A Design Guru. You understand that the word Design is an umbrella term that covers visual design, experience design, emotional design, functional design, and more. You can elegantly and succinctly communicate the difference between UI, UX, and IA to an audience that is not familiar with these acronymns stand for.
  • Results-driven. You realize that Personas and Jobs-To-Be-Done are methods to arrive at meaningful outcomes and that your design plays a large role in arriving at those desired outcomes. You also understand and can define the metrics to be used to measure the success of a launch.
  • Tool Agnostic. Photoshop? Illustrator? Pixelmator? Sketch? Figma? InVision? Zeplin? Sure you have preferences in order to be efficient, but you care more about what you're making than what you're using to make it.
  • Open-minded. You believe that good ideas can come from anywhere and exploring and testing new ideas is a cornerstone of innovation.
  • A True Design-Thinker. Your solutions take creative perspectives and new angles towards problems that guide the user every step of the way to solve real problems.
  • Tech-savvy. You dabble your feet into how technology can enable deisgn, but by no means do you limit your design possibilities by the tech limitations. Your understanding of technology ignites your creative thinking and helps facilitate your design to launch in a more efficient manner.
  • Current. You keep your finger on the pulse of design. You're constantly seeking ways to create useful, usable, and delightful new experiences as well as innovate our existing presence.
  • Up for a challenge. You believe that just because something is difficult that it is not a reason for not doing it. In fact, that might be validation that it is worth doing, right?