Data & Analytics Lead

By Andrew Rickards

What You'll Do

Ritual is a company that is 100% backed by real-world, nutritional science– and guess what kind of science we lean on in the digital space? Data. You will build upon our existing data architecture and create a pipeline that appropriately scales and ultimately delivers insights that empowers the entire team. Insights enable our team, data enables those insights, and you're the one who will enable the data. You will define Ritual's data needs for both today and tomorrow from the perspective of customer insights and behaviors. This critical role will establish a system to facilitate our data needs right now, and scale to our future needs as soon as they become a reality.

As a Data & Analytics Lead, you’ll:

  • Define, establish, and create specifications for all data tracking needs.
  • Determine the most meaningful metrics for the company as a whole and help define success metrics for individual projects.
  • Establish processes to ensure that data needs are treated as a first-class citizen and are not merely an afterthought to be implemented post-launch.
  • Rigurously validate the integrity of the data pipeline and help prevent data issues, loopholes, and inconsistencies.
  • Monitor industry trends and competitors.
  • Analyze, create visualizations for, and synthesize business data, customer data, site behavior data, engagement data, usage data, and more. Did we mention data?

Who you are

  • Data-driven. This really ought to go without saying, but you are both driven by the data and data is your passion and what drives you forward each day.
  • Meticulous. Detail-oriented is just the beginning. You can instantly detect and diagnose issues with reports just from looking at the visualization. You understand that there are many significant little things under the hood of every report that need to be fine-tuned in order to preserve data integrity.
  • A SQL Expert. MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift. You don't have to, but you rank over just to double check your queries.
  • A Great Data Visualizer. You excel at digging into columns and rows and the best ways to show them off.
  • Up for a challenge. You believe that just because something is difficult that it is not a reason for not doing it. In fact, that might be validation that it is worth doing, right?
  • Problem Solver. You can write a query to get at the data that you're looking for, but more importantly, you realize when you need to pivot in order to get the real answer to the question.
  • You've Done This Before. You have set up event tracking schemas, defined data pipeline architecture and services, worked with data warehouses, stood up data visualization tools, and business intelligence tools.