This Entrepreneur's Pregnancy Inspired the Perfect Women's Multivitamin

This Entrepreneur's Pregnancy Inspired the Perfect Women's Multivitamin

By Lauren Hayes

This Entrepreneur's Pregnancy Inspired the Perfect Women's Multivitamin

When Katerina Schneider was pregnant, she decided to look extra hard at what she was putting in and on her body. She turned her house upside down, getting rid of every product with questionable ingredients. But when she got to the medicine cabinet, she found her prenatal vitamins were just as suspect. When a search for a healthier multivitamin turned up nothing, Katerina decided to create her own.

Kat & her scientific team looked at the multivitamin with fresh eyes

The first step Kat took to create Ritual – the cult favorite multivitamin that all your favs are taking – was to get the right science behind it. So Kat contacted Dr. Luke Bucci, one of the leading scientists in the industry, and said, “I need you to develop a multivitamin you would want your wife to take every day.” And he delivered.

She cut out the unnecessary fillers in multivitamins (and all of the middlemen, too) 

Now Ritual is focused on doing what other multivitamins don’t: cutting out the unnecessary fillers ingredients and including only traceable, high-quality ingredients. Ritual cuts out the middleman of big-box stores and delivers a better product. They designed their Essential for Women to include the optimal servings of only the nine nutrients missing from the average woman’s diet, none of the extra stuff. They’re non-GMO, vegan, and sugar free. And because they keep the naturally dry ingredients dry and the oil-based ingredients oily, their clear capsules with small floaty beadlets not only look extra cool, but also serve a purpose to keep ingredients in their most absorbable forms.

The result: a reimagined daily vitamin

With their unique, science-backed look and research-based ingredients, Ritual has created the perfect (and photogenic!) multivitamin….and all because Kat turned around her vitamin bottle to read the back of the label.