4 Gross Ingredients Hiding in Your Multivitamins

4 Gross Ingredients Hiding in Your Multivitamins

By Lauren Hayes

4 Gross Ingredients Hiding in Your Multivitamins

Although it feels like everyone is selling supplements and fit teas these days, there are very few products that are clear about where their ingredients come from. It’s hard to find a company with the correct nutritional product for your body...and hard to know exactly where those nutrients are coming from. In order to clear up some mysteries, here’s a debunking of all the gross stuff you might not even know is in your multivitamin.

Most of us pay a lot of attention to what’s in the food we eat these days. We read ingredient labels on packaged food and are used to seeing the names of farms on restaurant menus. The fact that big food companies use additives we wouldn’t necessarily choose to swallow is no secret. But what about our vitamins? Shouldn’t these products be made with the highest attention to detail? After all, they are intended to improve your health. You’d be surprised…

You wouldn't eat some ingredients found in vitamins if they were in your food, why would you ingest them through a multivitamin?

It turns out many vitamin products contain potentially harmful ingredients that you would probably avoid in your food. Companies use these materials because they are the cheapest, fastest way to hold things together, make them last, and make them look like something you might want to swallow.  Here are the most surprising things that might be in your multivitamin:

  1. Plastics - Need I say more?
  2. (Extra Gross) Animal Parts - Snouts and hooves, anyone?
  3. Petroleum Byproducts - Complete with chemicals and solvents.
  4. Artificial Colorants - Think carcinogens are worth your vitamin being whiter?

Enter Ritual, a daily vitamin (with none of the gross stuff!)

Ritual decided to do things differently and launched in 2016, with a no BS product philosophy.  Its modern multivitamin, Essential for Women, is vegan, non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and free of colorants.

What makes Ritual different?

Ritual’s scientific team was challenged to find safe materials to do the jobs often left to harmful excipients. For example, when the team was told that plastic and beetle poop were the only effective options for coating the beadlets inside their capsules, they didn’t believe it. It took 6 months, but they eventually proved that non-GMO corn protein was a viable alternative. The team took their time with each challenge. The result? A reinvented daily vitamin that contains only the nine nutrients you need to feel your best.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Unlike other multivitamins, Ritual is completely transparent about what their nine ingredients in the Women’s Essential multivitamin are, and where they come from. Ritual contains only the 9 nutrients you need to feel your best, in their most effective forms, sourced from places you can see on a map through their website.