Ritual Vitamins Review by Janine James

Ritual Vitamins Review by Janine James

By Lauren Hayes

Ritual Vitamins Review by Janine James

Ritual vitamins are all over the place: you might see them on your favorite lifestyle blogger’s Instagram, or just on your friend’s bathroom counter. Here, Janine James, a blogger and esthetician with a passion for health, tries out and reviews Ritual vitamins to see if they measure up to her high standards.

Ritual Vitamins have been all over social media, so naturally I had to give this brand a try. I started taking the vitamins on April 22nd. The packaging is nothing short of adorable, the pop of yellow is super sunny and inviting. The included pamphlet was straightforward and basically attested to Ritual being a brand that prides itself on the daily nutrients women might be lacking from their daily diet.

About 2 weeks into taking the vitamins I felt well balanced and energized. I’m a notorious napper, but those became a thing of the past. As an esthetician it’s not uncommon for me to go home after my shifts with aching joints. My job is physically taxing on the body, so having something that helps in minimizing discomfort is a blessing.

The ingredients found in these vitamins include: Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, Boron, Iron, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Folate, and Omega-3.

Price: $30 a month or a dollar a day

The Good

I like everything about these vitamins! I feel that they did everything that was promised and I did not run into any complications whatsoever.

The Bad

The fish-like taste of the vitamins wasn’t pleasant. The vitamins are vegan, they use Algal Oil, however the taste is very similar to that of fish oil. However I did receive my second bottle in June, the vitamins now have a minty after taste which dilutes the algal oil.

The Verdict

Get these vitamins! Yes the price of $30 is a bit steep, however I think it is a small amount to pay for glowing skin, an energy boost, joint health, and so much more.

Janine loved Ritual because it was clean, simple, and effective. If an esthetician — a skin expert by trade — says that Ritual makes her skin glow, that’s high praise. It makes sense that Janine felt good after a month of Essential for Women: it contains only the 9 nutrients you need to feel your best, in their most effective forms.