7 Reasons This Vitamin Is Better Than Anything You’ve Ever Taken

7 Reasons This Vitamin Is Better Than Anything You’ve Ever Taken

By Andrew Rickards

7 Reasons This Vitamin Is Better Than Anything You’ve Ever Taken

After becoming pregnant, Katerina Schneider decided to purge her household of toxic products. She was shocked to find that none of the vitamins she had were made with clean, traceable ingredients, and she struggled to find any on the market that were. That’s how she decided to create Ritual: a totally clean vitamin women can feel good about taking. Here’s how Ritual is wildly different from any vitamin you’ve ever taken.

1. For women, by women

Ritual was created by founder Kat Schneider after she became pregnant: she wanted a vitamin that was as clean as her pantry, but she couldn’t find a single one with the same standards as organic food. As such, Kat created Essential for Women: a vitamin made with simplicity, traceability, and the ingredients that work best in women’s bodies.

2. Quality ingredients

Ritual has simplified the daily vitamin to its nine most essential nutrients, each in their most effective, vegan, non-GMO, gluten, soy and dairy-free forms. We all care about where our food comes from — think about how important the ‘organic’ or ‘locally-farmed’ labels have become at the grocery store — so why don’t we apply the same scrutiny to our supplements? For the first time in the history of supplements, Ritual is showing consumers exactly where their ingredients come from and why. Ritual’s ingredient sources are plotted out on a map, plain and simple, so you can see exactly where your nutrients are coming from.

3. No unnecessary filler

Many traditional multivitamins contain well over 30 ingredients, most of which aren’t
even necessary, as we already get enough through the foods we eat. The “more is more” approach is outdated– instead, our in-house team of scientists applied the most recent clinical findings to develop products with exactly nine of the ingredients that the majority of Americans are lacking in the most effective, cleanest forms.

4. Clean AF

Speaking of clean: Ritual’s ingredients are squeaky. Their nine essential ingredients come directly from the best suppliers across the globe, and you can see each ingredient purpose, form, and source on their website. They’re totally free of toxic chemicals and vetted by in-house researchers who make sure each ingredient form is purely what your body needs (and not bogged down by any unnecessary filler.

5. They’re high-tech

Ritual really works, but it’s also really cool looking. They use a proprietary sustained release, beadlet-in-oil encapsulation technology. Basically, this means that the nutrients your body needs get preserved in their most easily-absorbed form, meaning that they’re more effectively delivered to your system. You’ll look forward to taking you little snow-globe like vitamins every day: their unique encapsulation technology suspends super-cool beadlets within the oily ingredients, keeping everything in its optimal form, and looking good while doing it.

6. They’re just $1 a day

All those high-quality ingredients (and high-tech encapsulation) could cost a pretty penny, but RItual makes it available for just $1 a day ($30/month). Bought individually, these ingredients would cost nearly five times more. By having direct relationships with labs and suppliers and selling direct-to-consumer, Ritual is able to pass the value onto customers. Plus, Ritual gets delivered to your door every month, period. You don’t need to go to the store, track it down, and wait in line to get it: it’s just there for you as soon as you need it. It’s the delivery you’ll never feel bad for ordering.

7. Endless customer service

If you have any questions about Ritual, they’ve got you: their Customer Experience team is there to answer all your questions, anytime you have them. They also have researchers in-house who are constantly working to make the vitamin better. Anything you want or need, just hit them up. What other vitamin comes with round-the-clock customer service?